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Color Pole

Model of a pole with a unique design is presented, crown in the color chosen by you in the RAL color catalog


We present the pole model with a unique design, the pole pipe with a diameter of 42.4 mm is coated with a high-strength, enamel coating.

Characteristics of the pole:

  • spinning pole (with fixation in static)
  • floor / ceiling installation
  • enameled pole
  • diameter is 42,4 mm
  • admits the weight of an athlete up to 150 kg,
  • can withstand stresses up to 750 kg

Coating powder enamel produced in Germany, significantly improves the adhesion to the pole. That facilitates the implementation of elements that could not be obtained without magnesia on a conventional pole.

Enamel-covered poles have not only improved grip, but also a unique aesthetic appearance.

Thanks to an extensive selection of colors in the RAL catalog, you can order a pole in the color of your interior.

color pole

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