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Spinning Pole Profi

Buy a Spinning Pole Profi with fastening to the floor and the ceiling is suitable for any type of the building (concrete, wood)
This model is perfect for studios, halls and bars!


Spinning Pole Profi

Installation with height adjustment +/- 5 cm

Spinning pole – two-mode. The pole is installed in a room with a dowel fastening to the floor / ceiling

Pole characteristics:

  • Spinning pole with static function
  • Installation with dowel fixation in the floor & ceiling
  • Polished stainless steel pole
  • Diameter 42.4 mm
  • Admits the weight of the athlete to 150 kg,
  • Can withstand a load of up to 750 kg

The mechanism of switching the spinning / statics is located in the lower support, switching mode takes no more than 20 seconds.

The Spinning Pole Profi does not scroll in static mode! This model combines all the functions necessary for a professional.

The pole can be supplied with a rotation disk (platform for the foot), which rotates in place with the pole in the spinning mode.

With the Pole Profi you can order a decorative sleeve, which hides the upper mounts.

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