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Handstand Canes – Magnetic & Compact

  • Training handstand canes
  • Collapsible on a magnet
  • Assembly in 60 seconds
  • Canes acrobatic height 25 cm
  • Size of the square – 30 x 30 cm
  • Material – wood, metal

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Handstand canes that are easy to take with you.

Compact, lightweight, and reliable.

Weight: 3 kg.
Height: 25 cm.
Assembled in a portable case in 60 seconds.

Handcrafted in Ukraine. Canes are handmade and thoroughly tested for strength and durability.


🔹 With these canes, it is convenient to practice handstand anywhere: at home, outside, and on vacation. Taking beautiful pictures on gorgeous sunsets has never been easier!

🔹 All components are put into the foldable canes’ bases, which are securely fastened to each other with powerful magnets for comfortable carrying.

🔹 Creating these canes, we took all the factors into account to ensure maximum reliability and comfort:

🔹 Compact
The canes are 30 × 30 cm (11.8in × 11.8in) when assembled, so they can easily fit into a gym bag or a backpack.


  • 2 bases (30×30 cm)
  • 2 canes
  • 2 blocks

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