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Led Aerial Lyra/Hoop via Bluetooth (iOS, Android)

Rated 5 out of 5

Led Aerial Lyra, Smart Aerial Hoop by Profi-Pole with built-in LEDs, is not felt when working.

  • Connection via Bluetooth to your phone (iOS, Android) 
  • Ready to use
  • Grip size – 25 mm
  • Diameter – 95 cm 
  •  PVC covering
  • LED Bluetooth controller
  • 1 LED stripe (contact us for more)

Can be shipped worldwide.


​The LED Smart Bluetooth Lyra (LED Aerial Hoop)

Led Aerial Lyra, Smart Aerial Hoop by Profi-Pole with built-in LEDs, is not felt when working. Connection via Bluetooth to your phone. Ready to use.

Use this LED Lyra for unbelievable shows. We are a proud leader of innovative LED performance technique and technology. Our goal is to meet the needs of entertainment professionals and audiences worldwide to create unforgettable, multi-dimensional visual experiences.

LED Smart Lyra comes fully loaded with the following features:

  • Material Aluminum (rod)
  • Net weight 5 kg
  • 350 kg working load
  • Maximum load 700 kg
  • Number of LEDs per ring 87 pcs. (outside)
  • Battery capacity 2700 mAh.
  • The number of preset glow modes 358 (pcs.)
  • Grip size 25 mm
  • Diameter of wheel 95 cm (measurement accuracy +/-1 cm)
  •  PVC covering
  • LED Bluetooth controller

For using this lyra you need to download the App LED HUE in your appstore. LED Hue is an APP designed for full color LED controller as a remote controller via Bluetooth.


You can choke a Polyester Strop from the center, sitting at the tab. Attaching soft rigging directly to the hoop is good for reducing metal on metal wear at the tab and removes hardware from where you will hock on.

You can attach a Polyester Strop to the tab with a carabiner.

If you do not want the Aerial Hoop to spin, you need to connect your strop/rope to your anchor point with a carabiner. We recommend this when you want to keep a hoop rigged from one point facing an audience. We would also recommend this if you’re using a Prodigy Rig or don’t have much height.

If you want to spin, you need a carabiner at the top of the rope/strop, connected to a swivel and then another carabiner securing you to your anchor point.

If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Props Order Department:

ViberWhatsApp, Telegram:  +38 067 425 20 51

Rated 5 out of 5

Incredible this hoop! I realy love it cause it is more confortable as the usual hoops and ih will don’t have so many bruses in the future🥰 the Led is amazing and the grip is also well what i was worry about cause i usual use a taped hoop… thank you so much im realy happy with 💗💗💗

Rated 5 out of 5

I love this hoop!!!

Rated 5 out of 5

Beautiful led lyra. Great communication from the seller. Lots of awesome color settings in the app. Very happy with my purchase. Had to get a US adapter for the charge cord off amazon but that was solved for like $5. I love my new lyra and I can’t wait to use it for performances.

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