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Led Pole Stage


Led Pole Stage – unique podium pole for unforgettable performances and shows

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Stage with Led Pole

Pole is specially designed to make any performance unique and uniqueness, by programming the backlight.

The glow of the pole will allow you to perfectly highlight the artist on the scene.


  • Coating – plastic 
  • The diameter of the pole – 45-46 mm
  • Length 270 mm
  • Switching of the modes of a luminescence by wireless module bluetooth 2.0+ android device (more than 375 modes).
  • Folding into 3 parts 

The main characteristics of the Stage:

    • Assembly of the stage – 10-15 min.
    • The diameter of the base in assembled form is 2 m.
    • The height of the base of the catwalk is 10 cm.
    • The height of the pole is 2.70 m.
    • All-metal frame and removable paws.
    • The weight of the stage  is 65 kg.



Assembly of the pole stage  (with the usual pole):

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