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Freestanding Chinese Pole

Freestanding Chinese Pole​ – fully collapsible.

Can be shipped worldwide.

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Freestanding Chinese Pole – Fully collapsible

​This freestanding base is made to support our Chinese Pole. This is the most advanced base on the market. It is designed to ease the transport, as well as assembly and disassembly.​​


  • Chinese pole3 m
  • Freestanding base (Umbrella Stage)

  • Fully collapsible to ease transport;
  • ​Can easily be taken in a plane.
  • With his bearing mounted, the pole can be set to turn freely or locked
  • Quick to assemble/disassemble;
  • You can simply pull out the pole off the base.
  • Packaged 40x12x10 in
  • Lightweight 42 kg brutto

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