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Static Pole “Profi”

Buy a static pole that is attached to the floor and ceiling.
Suitable for any overlapping of the building (concrete, wood).


Static Pole “Profi”

Installation with height adjustment +/- 5 cm

Professional pole for installation in a studio, school or at home.

The “Profi” pole is fixed to the ceiling and / or floor for 100% stability!
This semi-stationary model of the pole is suitable for any premises. By purchasing a Pro model pole you get a place for training or performances at the pole. Due to the simplicity of design and low cost, this model is one of the most popular on the market. There are options for installing a pole for a striptease on stage, under the ceiling, and at home with wooden ceilings. It is aesthetically pleasing, has no superfluous elements, and fits perfectly into any interior.

To the pole you can order a decorative sleeve, which hides the expansion element.

Characteristics of the pole model:

  • solid, thick-walled stainless steel pipe, mirror polished;
  • diameter of the pipe 42.4 mm;
  • the maximum length of the pole is up to 5 meters;

* Decorative sleeve not included!

The pole is extremely easy to install, complete with detailed instructions.

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