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Umbrella Stage Pro

Ground support for pole or hoop Umbrella Stage Pro. Can be transport by plane!

Can be shipped worldwide

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Umbrella Stage Pro – Fully collapsible

​This freestanding base is made to support our Chinese Pole. This is the most advanced base on the market. It is designed to ease the transport, as well as assembly and disassembly.​​ A unique design for performances. Umbrella Stage for a pole or hoop.

The stand is designed so that it would be easy to install and also easy to remove from the stage after the performance.

Equipped with an umbrella system. This is our unique development.​

Can be transport by plane!

Characteristics Umbrella Stage Pro:

  • From center to support 160 cm
  • The number of legs 3 (4 or 5 legs available, contact us)
  • Weight from 28 kg

The parameters can vary depending on the design weight of the load. The price for freestanding base with 3 legs. Contact us to make 4 or 5 legs.

Umbrella Stage is suitable for:

  • Lyra
  • Chinese pole
  • Stainless Steel pole

Props Order Department:

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