Workshop of Circus Props
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Spinning Pole with rotation and fixation in a static position. Suitable for home and dance studios.

We have developed unique pole models for all possible installation options.

Spinning Pole model without injuring the floor and ceiling surfaces is Dynamic S.

Fixed model with dowel fastening to the floor and ceiling – “Dynamic Profi”.

New in the Ukrainian market Quick-detachable Spinning Pole Quick Pole model. This is the most convenient pole for combined rooms. Because the installation of this Pole does not require a ladder and takes 10 seconds.

It is removed within 10 seconds without using a tool and a ladder.
Lower support built into the floor. And therefore it does not interfere with walking and dancing or conducting other classes in the hall. The upper support is attached to the ceiling with screws.

An excellent solution for dance studios with the need for multi-use facilities.

5-year pole warranty!