Circus props for performance

Manufacture of circus props. Shipping WORLDWIDE!

Implementation of circus metal structures according to your drawings.

We offer only high-quality circus props made in our own production. We send to Ukraine and the EU for artists, amateurs and professionals.

We manufacture and sell any metal structures made according to your technical requirements.


The main task of the designer is to realize your technical task while maximizing the longevity of the props. Execution of the requisite to order in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Circus props are constructions of increased responsibility, since their reliability depends not only on the spectacular performance of the artist, but also on his health!

Suspension shells, despite a long period of operation, require periodic verification. The warranty includes free verification, and if necessary maintenance.

Buy circus props: a cube, a ring, hexagonal rings, pendant rubberized poles, a trapeze, a swing and not only. All you need for aerial gymnastics, as well as for manipulating the right geometric shapes, juggling, etc.

If you are interested in non-standard circus props, we design and manufacture products according to your wishes.


At the reference, the basic information is important:

Basic information!

  • What is it (for what use is it used).
  • What are the most important features.
  • When you need to get the finished product.
  • You already have a budget, or you would like us to estimate the cost.


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