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Wax iTac2 for better grip with pole – 20g

A small jar with wax for working on a pole iTac2. Pole Fitness Extra Strength,


Wax iTac2 20 g for better grip with pole

We are the official representative of iTac2 in Ukraine!

  • Weight: 20 g.
  • Production: Australia
  • Clutch Levels: Regular Strength, Extra Strength

“Itac-2” contains a natural wax of Australian bees (a jar of 20 g is enough for up to 140 applications).
Waterproof texture, applied at any skin temperature (no need to preheat), suitable for application to the body in places of contact with the pylon. It is washed off with warm water and soap. Gives maximum grip with the pylon when performing tricks.
Thanks to a special formula, the wax for working on the pylon iTac2 is easily washed off from hands and clothes. A small amount of wax is enough for long-term use. For centuries, being used in cosmetics, this natural product does not cause allergies and is suitable for all skin types.


Before applying Itac2 wax, wash your hands well with soap and wipe them dry. Then, in some massage movements, apply it to the body parts (sides, knees, legs – where you make maximum grips with the pylon).

Also there are jars iTac2 weighing 45 g and 200 g.

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