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Aerial Chandelier Lego – fully collapsible

Aerial Chandelier Lego – fully collapsible air chandelier. Designed for international shipping.

Shipping worldwide.


Aerial Chandelier Lego – fully collapsible

Unique circus props – Aerial Chandelier Lego. A performance on such a chandelier can be seen at the Circus Du Soleil.

Collapsible circus chandelier. Worldwide shipping.


  • Chandelier
  • Fasteners
  • Chains
  • Carbines
  • Rotation machine


  • Large lyra diameter 900 mm
  • Small lyra diameter 700 mm
  • Half hoop diameter 750 mm

The price is for an air chandelier in the given sizes and a complete set. It is possible to manufacture circus props according to the size and designs of the customer.
For the miscalculation of cost send your sketches and wishes.
Powder coating of products in any color of the RAL catalog.

Package size:
95*95*20 cm

Weight in box: 35 kg

Can be shipped only to USA.

Props Order Department:

ViberWhatsApp, Telegram:  +38 067 425 20 51

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