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Swivel 30 kN – alu

  • Breaking load: 30kN
  • Material: duralumin
  • Size: 11×5.5 cm
  • Production: Profi-Pole
  • Certificate of conformity CE1019 1805 EN354:2002 EN365:2005
  • Meets all the requirements of aerial gymnastics

Rotation machine (swivel)

A swivel or spinning machine is a fastening element that is often used for belay systems in aerial gymnastics in numbers with elements of rotation. Very often it is used in such numbers as: air belts, cloths, rope, ring and others.

It is made of duralumin – a high-strength aluminum alloy with increased moisture-resistant and anti-corrosion properties. Despite its low weight, it can withstand a breaking load of up to 30 kN. Can be used simultaneously with 3 carabiners. Wear-resistant product, retains its original qualities for a long time.

The swivel is suitable for hanging:

  • swing cocoon
  • hinges TRX, hammocks
  • Aerial silk air canvases
  • Aerial Hoop Air Gymnastics Rings
  • any suspended shells


  • Breaking load, kN 30
  • Material: duralumin
  • Manufacturer: Profi-Pole
  • Weight: 140g
  • Size: 110*55mm

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